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children with a purpose services
Group Sessions


  • Within a group setting, you not only get the support of one of our trained facilitators, but also your fellow group members.  Group sessions are a great way to learn and save money doing it! Group sessions are a great way to get the tools and information you need to thrive.

  • For groups of 6 or more, we provide workshops on the following topics:

    • N2MeISee (a workshop that covers the following)

      • Effective Communication

      • Building Healthy Relationships

      • Team Building

      • Call for rates.

    • Co-Parenting During Divorce or Separation

    • Developing a Parent Action Plan

      • Cost: $400 per couple for one session (one hour); $1400 for four week sessions; $1200 for one-time, four-hour workshop (for each additional person $15)

    • Additional topics include:

      • Daily Living Skills

      • Parenting Workshops

      • Love and Logic

      • Anger Management and Substance Abuse

Group Sessions
Individual Parent Coaching Sessions

  • We offer sessions for individuals and couples to address the following:

    • Parent and Guardian empowerment

      • Parent education one-on-one

      • Parenting and co-parenting classes

    • Life skills training

    • Effective communication

    • Positive interaction

    • Developing parent and guardian action plans

  • Starting Cost: $125/per hour; $475 for four-week session (1 hr. per wk)

children with a purpose services
Individual Sessions
supervised visitation
children with a purpose supervised visitation
Supervised Visitation
  • Certified Parent aide allowing us to assist with supervised visitation

  • With 20 years experience in parent mediation, we believe in compassion during a time of conflict.

  • Children with a Purpose understands that safety is essential.

  • Currently partnering with local agencies and attorneys to help take the conflict and stress out of supervised visitation.  We’re not just any certified parent aide…we are the aid that every parent needs.  #ServiceWithCompassion

  • Cost: $125.00/ hr. minimum 3 hours.  *discounted rates apply

parent aide training
Parent Aide Training
  • Customized training sessions for case managers (independent or within an organization) to better help them help parents

  • Parent Aide With a Purpose – 6-hour workshop 

  • Cost: $150/hr.    *discounted rates apply

mentor program
Mentor Training Program
  • Specialized mentor training program for mentors of at-risk youth and young adults

    • Three-hour workshop cost for group (of 6): $400 (each additional: $15)

  • Provide mentoring for at-risk or mentally challenged youth and young adults

    • Cost: $75/first hour…$50/hour each additional hour + mileage reimbursement 

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