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Founded in 2001, Children With a Purpose, focuses on helping children and their parents, guardians and caretakers excel in school and in life.  We partner with organizations that focus on the health and wellbeing of children and families.

With more than 20 years of experience as a Case Manager for the State of Missouri, Founder and Owner Catherine Washington started Children with a Purpose to expand the services offered to families in need and widen and those able to benefit from her services.

about children with a purpose
Our Mission


Within every person is a child, and in every child lies a purpose. Our company is dedicated to helping you bring that purpose to the present with love, logic, passion and compassion.

Our Team


Catherine Washington – Founder, Mentor, Aide

Keyana Brown – Facilitator and Parent Educator

“I started Children With a Purpose to provide a service to any and all parents, guardians, and child authority figure – regardless of race, religion, economic or criminal status.  Many times services offered by the state are limited and those able to benefit from those services even more limited.  I choose to help those who recognize they need the help.  The impact we are making is absolutely positive and positively absolute!”  ~ Catherine Washington

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